Hi, there! I’m Jen Shurley. I'm a fledgling web developer who aims to solve complex human information challenges.

I draw from human centered design, content strategy tools, and good old social science research to give texture, meaning, and memorability to complex information.

Sample Work

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Why work with me?

Address Real Needs

Find the most important underlying needs and desires in customer experience.

Build empathy, follow curiosity.

Ask Great Questions

This is how I identify real needs – by asking open, nonjudgmental questions. Whether I’m asking people or searching media, the principle of open questions leads me to richer, better insights.

Generate Options Quickly

You have to see it to evaluate it. I like to generate multiple options quickly and then decide which is the most promising design or concept to develop further.

Build a Fitting Aesthetic

I use aesthetics to help people focus their attention and create the mindspace they need to optimally perform their online tasks.



Research and Discovery
  • 80

    Research and Discovery
  • 65%

    Design Synthesis
  • 65%

    Content Development
  • 60%

    UI Design and Visual Design
  • 75%

  • 100%

    Learning Potential


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